Obscura reinterprets a forgotten classic - "the cocktail lounge": offering refined guests an ideal atmosphere to enjoy intimate conversation, artfully infused libations, elegantly presented aperitifs and sweets, and ambient music styles from around the globe selected to enhance the social experience.

Like the scenes portrayed in the many "moving portraits" hanging on its walls, Obscura's exquisite beauty will transport you to a captivating world of surrealistic encounters. The grand space majestically imposes itself in the form of a French Chateau fit for Napoleon. Deep wing back arm chairs and marble top bistro tables give the room a cozy but sophisticated feeling. This combined with the subtle warm glow of French Empire crystal chandeliers and white Italian table lamps create an enchanting and welcoming environment.

Beneath Obscura, the hushed deep red decor of the Jim Thompson Room, offers privileged guests the perfect rendezvous: Decadent wines, bourbons by the barrel, liquor cabinets and lavish leather surroundings. And then there is the Bengal Tiger, "Marlow" well cared for until passing from Diabetes, overlooking the gathering. Named the Jim Thompson Room after the most famous American businessman living in Asia at the time of his mysterious disappearance in Thailand in 1967, Jim's spirit reigns supreme.